The Support Squad (TSS) has been in existence for a number of years. Its mission is to support the Choir’s Directors by dealing with the practicalities of running a choir. Consisting of a number of parents of “Squaddies” past and present, the members deal with venue and coach hire, day-to-day admin, finance, notices, internal business and the allocating of certified (by Suffolk County Council) chaperones.
They meet regularly to discuss all matters concerning the smooth running of events and rehearsals and, as such, provide invaluable practical help and guidance, keeping the parents informed and the singers safe.

Rob Cross (Chairman)
Sarah Sheehan (Admin)
Nicola Powling (Secretary)
Emma Curwen (Head Chaperone)
Sarah Esterhuizen
Jess Barber
Natasha Morgan

We are always keen to hear from anyone that would like to join our Chaperone team.
All of our Chaperones are certified by Suffolk County Council and we can support you with the application. Should you wish to join the team, please use the form below and we’ll get in touch with you: